Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A new year, a new theme, a new team?!

       So after a year hiatus I am back blogging again.  I had high hopes that I was going to be able to blog about my various experiences during nursing school... which I know the Nodak nursing crew will back me up in that there was some note worthy experiences.  From "I have solomonly swear..." to 'Save the tattas' or whatever the shirt was that made Maridee blush; we had some great times/experiences I wish I could have shared.  However nursing school has since come and gone.  The crew has sprawled the nation, procreated, and gotten/getting hitched.  Quite impressive considering we just finished school all of a few monthes ago. 
     As for me, (and most of you that will be reading this know most of this....) I have a significant other who has stolen my heart (I keep asking him to give it back, luckily he won't :), graduated from nursing school, did a quick stint with Target Field and Caribou Coffee, and have now found myself in Pittsburgh working in Cardiology (my dream... well for know..).  My goal for the next segment of the blog (again my intention...) is to post on my new experiences in Pitt... which might mostly consist of my getting lost stories.  Definitely, got lost today.  Ended up 15 miles out of my way in the North Hills of Pittsburgh just because I missed an exit.  Needless to say 2 bridges, 2 freeways, and 25 mins later I arrived at my intended destination.  Not the point but let me tell you driving here is another experience..We make fun of St. Paul in the twin cities.  Come to Pitt, you will think those 'drunk Irishman' were more sober than originally thought.  All joking aside it feels good to be back online, a year later, with a new job and new team (Go Steelers?!)

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