Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last but not least.... and now back to reality

I am officially back in the land of snow and ice and where not everything is not so nice... however I need to post on the last day in the South. This is an ode to the girls that joined me on that fateful saturday adventure haha. As the story goes... We got up Saturday morning and decided that we needed to check out this place called the pancake pantry. We had seen a line a block long the day before. What gives?! I think most people see a line and try to avoid it. My motto, well there has to be a reason that people are in the line. Must be something good at the end of it. We got in the the line... Where we subsequently met three gentlemen who were visiting from out of town as well. Being that they were about the only other people without southern accents, besides us, we made friends. These three gents were from Memphis, NYC, and Pittsburgh. When asked what brought them together, they kindly acknowledged that they are all college buddies from Penn State... and they get together one weekend a year no matter what. If some one has a kid or an excuse (as they called it :) they go to that city and all get together. After 40 minute wait in this line we had made new friends, who had also baught us rations of water so to keep our thirst quenched in the hot Tennesse sun or to kill the hangover all of us were experiencing. But good things come to those who wait... the pancakes were AWESOME! This menu is rediculous, it includes about anything edible going into a pancake... so for the fellow pancake lovers go to the pantry it is worth the wait. After breakfast was conquered we decided to get our party pants on and go out on the town. We mixed a drink or two and headed downtown Nashville to wander and drink. Now when in Rome, do as the Romans. When in Nashville, do as the country bumpkins do and get yourself some boots. So we did... Now feeling official we head to Tootsie's or the bar from Toby Keith's song: I love this Bar. We grabbed us a couple of seats and drinks and took in the music. Country music is 98% percent of the time is great live... and this was no exception. The musicians were taking requests.. so we tipped the gents and asked for She's Country by Jason Aldean. Strike one, lead singer did not know it. Second request was Small Town Girl by Journey. We got a Negative on that... My Maria Brooks and Dunn. Strike three, we're out. So we asked the fiddler what she recommended (who is the sister of one of our friends)... She played for us The Devil Went Down to Georgia by Charlie Daniels Band. The bar was whooping and hollering... so I say it was a good selection. After a couple hours of making friends with the local men and listening to music.. it was on to searching out a bar that would play the Sioux game. Yes even on vacation we were watching the final five. Needless to say if you caught the Saturday game it was well worth it. Double overtime with the win! Not to mention we got a round of free drinks from the bar... SO go sioux!! We were out not much longer and called it a night due to the flight and drive the next day (we are getting old haha). Anyways we hopped a flight and left the dirty South and headed back to the tundra of Nodak. Although I can say it was hard leaving 80 degree weather, it is nice to be back... well sort of. Time to buckle down and back to reality. Thanks girls for a great vacation!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

South of the Mason Dixie Line

So we have officially made it to Nashville or Music City. Music city I have to say is an under statement. Now being a music lover myself, I am in heaven. I know country music isn't for everyone, but there is so much talent here it is rediculous in every genre of music. So our first night (also St. Patty's) in Nashville we went to a place called the Blue Bird Cafe. This little place is where the Music City song writers go to perform and be discovered. Now thinking that hearing song writers wouldnt be very good, I stand corrected... they were AWESOME! I got the pleasure of spending my St. Pattys day with close friends and drinking the night with some good music.

So Friday. Friday, was a day a pleasure and business. For the morning the girls and I made our way down to the Vanderbilt campus to tour and walk around. What a beautiful campus. After a good walk around the girls and I decided to catch some sun and read outside! Being 80 degrees and none of us have seen the light of day in 5 months we grabbed the suits and headed outside. I think we are the only people in the state of TN who think this great idea in March. Oh well, all I would have to say in I am from North Dakota right?! SOOO for evenings activities... GRAND OLE OPRY. We pulled our lives together, and mixed us some rum and cokes (well it was a five oclock somewhere) got ready and headed out to West End.

We made it! So upon arrival to the The Grand Ole Opry we struggled to find a parking spot. We were trying to avoid paying for parking. Needless to say drove around for no less then 20 minutes bickering about where is the best option. Moreover the mall surrounding is still being redone due to the floods in Nashville last June. All I could think is how long does it take three blondes to find a parking spot? Don't worry, we found one... right next to the Opry, for free, where everyone parks. After that debaucle we grabbed ourselves some beers and took in the sites. This is something everyone who loves country music has to see. We saw no less then twelve acts and all of them were phenomenal. The highlight to the evening was seeing Eric Church, singing acoutic!! Mmmmmm..... I was puddy. What can I say.... us three girls are suckers for a guy and guitar :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

With Love, from Philly...

So officially we have made it to Philly. Land of cheese steaks, America's founding, and World Series baseball. We arrive by train from Pittsburgh, which was an incredible ride. I can NOT imagine how beautiful that ride is in the later part of the fall with the trees changing colors?! It is beautiful, with its moutains, rivers, and vistas we throughly enjoyed the ride in to Philly. Upon arriving into Philly, we checked into our hotel in the historic district.
Now I like history. I knew there was a lot here. But bananas, for serious Philly?! Everything is historic here. I guess that is a different mentality for a girl from Minnesota. So after checking in to our hotel we decided to do some site seeing. So where do we start in Philly, none other then Independence Hall. So we head over, go through security and get in line for the tour only to find out that you need tickets. Right, should have know that. Okay so we decide to leave and go find tickets.. needless to say us wandering around Independence Hall did NOT go over well. We tried to walk up to one officer... who so kindly yelled at us, reminding us we did not belong in that area. Then we proceed to walk to the security who told us we could not exit there, but also did not tell us where we needed to go. Frick. Okay so back to wandering, only for another person tell us we did not beling there and so nicely directing us to our way out. Epic fail.
But not all of our wandering that day went bad. We journeyed back to the place where you received tickets for the show. Jack and I turned on our midwestern girl charm and saught the attention of younger male working the tickets. We asked his recommendation of local food to try out. He told us.. Jim's steaks is the best. SOOO we headed to Jim's steaks; which required so more wandering : ) but we found it. Jim's Steaks looks like a corner shop crossed with a 50's styled diner. You walk in and are greeted by the counter help which have the grill sizzling before you walk in. I got the steak, peppers, and onion combo. AMAZING! There are a variety of options to get on the steak including cheeze whiz and tuna?! for the daring I guess. But if you look this place up apparently every famous person who has walked the streets of Philly has eaten there. Did not know that till walking in. If you ever go there, you will see what I mean. Any ways day one of Philly was nothing short of an adventure.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Here today, Philly tomorrow. Part Deux

So after enjoying Pittsburgh to its fullest, it was on to business. Monday was a fun filled day looking at UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh. The picture that is posted is the Cathedral of Learning. This picturesque build is a stample mark on the campus. It is a gorgeous building located in the center of campus. During the tour, we learned that UPitt is nationally ranked in quidditch (yes you read that right quidditch) amongest the many other sports it part takes in as a university. The best part of this story is after hearing this tidbit, we walked into the Cathedral and it no joke, looked like Hogwarts. Our tour guide so kindly told us she tells people this is where they filmed Harry Potter, and pretty sure people believe it too. (I would have but she told us out right before haha). It was a wonderful tour. For lunch we hit up a stample mark in Pittburgh known as the Primanti Bros. Let me tell you, this is one heck of a sandwich shop. If you want to see pictures (since I have yet to learn how to upload multiple pics sorry!) go to the man vs. food website. Jack and I ordered the corned beef to split. It was PLENTY! This sandwich includes, and I mean on it, an enormous helping of meat, coleslaw, and fries. And yes I said on it.... And yes it was awesome. So Jack and I definitely felt the need to do a extra lap around campus. After a fun filled campus day, we grabbed a couple beers on the South side and are now prepping for Philly. So we are here today... Philly tomorrow.

Here today, Philly tomorrow.

Here today, Philadelphia tomorrow. With the Pittsburgh leg of the journey coming to a close, it is time for a reflect of the awesome time here. Jackie and I flew into Pittsburgh on Saturday afternoon. We made friends with the cab driver, who so kindly told us we were in for a heck of a Saturday night. He shared with us that Pittsburgh is home to the second largest Saint Patty's day party in the country (2nd only to Boston?!). And it would be that night! Haha okay. After a breath taking ride into the city, we arrived at our hotel. Where we were promptly greater by tour guide for the weekend, who is also a good friend of mine from the Nodak. This friend who is also a recent immigrant to the city waited patiently for us two lovely ladies to settle in and freshen up before a heck of a night out on the town. Now if you don't Pittsburgh, it is comprised of several key areas (or so I was told haha) they are South side, Downtown and the University area. So back to the story. For the night/where the party was at was on the South side. Let me tell you, it was nuts. For those of you in Nodak, it was spring fest in a large city. Good grief. But do not get wrong it was a great time.. BUT WOW. After a stellar night on the town, needless to say we were NOT the sharpest crew. Needless the big event on Sunday was to catch a Pens game. But holy, did we struggle. It took us no less then three times to figure out the time. But to our credit the time of game changed, and day light savings makings things hard to comprehend. Haha. Do not worry we made it, after a several attempts and a nap. The Pens game was awesome. It will come highly recommended out of my book to any one visiting Pittsburgh. After the Pens game we called it a day.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Start


Spring break has official commenced. Well for me anyways (shout out to those in Nodak stuck in the blizzard). Spring break is kind of a right of passage for every college student. Personally, I have not been able to travel during spring break; typically due to committments related to college athletics. So I'm pleased to say I am heading out this year for pleasure and business. My friend and I are about to embark on a whirl wind tour of the east coast; including Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Nashville. We are flying into Pitt and spending a few days there. We are catching a hockey game, maybe attempting to get a sandwich from the Primanti Bros, and maybe listen to black and yellow once or twice. From Pitt we are taking the train through the mountains of Pennsylvania to Philly. In Philly, I plan on gorging myself on REAL philly cheese steak! You better believe it. From Philly, we are going to fly to Nashville to meet up with the final blonde of our group and take in some country music. In Nashville we are going to visit THE bar toby keith loves, Blue Bird cafe, and catch one heck of concert at the Grand Ole Opry (it Eric Church). Needless to say I am so excited for what this week has in store. Let's just hope I remember to get my homework done :-)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Soundtrack for the Week

So for those who know me.... I love music. My taste is ecceletic, but I dig it. So feel free to let me know if there is anything you like!! But for me most of the time, music is emotional. I love a good beat. But the music I connect the best with has a personal attachment for whatever reason; whether it reminds me of some one or a good time I had with a friend (ie She's country... Miss Wessman). Music also goes in waves. Recently, I have been in a classic rock phase?! I swear nuring school is bringing out my inner hippie. Anyways enough of the chit chatter. These are the tunes I am digging for the week!!
1. Rolling in the Deep - Adele
2. Colder Weather - Zac Brown Band
3. The Thrill - Wiz Khalif
4. Royal Blue - Cold War Kids
5. Closer to the Edge - 30 Seconds to Mars
6. Edge of Desire - John Mayer
7. Unthinkable - Alicia Keys
8. Under the Covers of Darkness - The Strokes
9. Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight - Amos Lee
10. Paris (oh la la) - Grace Potter and the Nocturals (LOVE the video too)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cheers to the new and the old!

When deciding on colleges, I can be very honest I had not a clue what I was doing. I was lucky enough to have a sport help guide me in a very confusing process; but I still applied to no less then 12 colleges. Now here I am working on my second degree in Nodak. I am not going to lie I picked the University of North Dakota on a gut feeling. When I took my recruiting trip, I just really liked the people. Probably not the best logical but that is how it went. It made me nervous saying I was going to a place smaller then where I grew up, but in my few years here I have been blessed to meet some incredible people! From having teammates from across the country and not to mention from the corners of the world to having met organically people who are going to do great things. But that is not to forget the incredible friends I have from the cities.
This post is a CHEERS to all my friends : ) This week alone one of my best friend got engaged to an incredible guy, another got her fellowship from Princeton, and another is starting her last clinical in Nashville before earning her doctorate in May. This is just a blip of the many cool things my friends are doing. Kudos girls!! I could not be more proud to call you girls my friends. Congrats to all. Much love from Nodak

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A little food for thought...

One thing I collect is quotes. Fantastic hobby, but kind of a odd one. In a recent review of some of my favorites I found this one. I like it becasue it speaks a lot to me personally. But I hope all you enjoy it :)

We don't like and we fear it
But we can't stop it from coming
We either adapt to change or we get left behind
It hurts to grow and anyone who says that it doesn't is lying
But here's the truth:
The more things changes, the more the stay the same
and sometimes, change is good
and sometimes change is everything....