Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last but not least.... and now back to reality

I am officially back in the land of snow and ice and where not everything is not so nice... however I need to post on the last day in the South. This is an ode to the girls that joined me on that fateful saturday adventure haha. As the story goes... We got up Saturday morning and decided that we needed to check out this place called the pancake pantry. We had seen a line a block long the day before. What gives?! I think most people see a line and try to avoid it. My motto, well there has to be a reason that people are in the line. Must be something good at the end of it. We got in the the line... Where we subsequently met three gentlemen who were visiting from out of town as well. Being that they were about the only other people without southern accents, besides us, we made friends. These three gents were from Memphis, NYC, and Pittsburgh. When asked what brought them together, they kindly acknowledged that they are all college buddies from Penn State... and they get together one weekend a year no matter what. If some one has a kid or an excuse (as they called it :) they go to that city and all get together. After 40 minute wait in this line we had made new friends, who had also baught us rations of water so to keep our thirst quenched in the hot Tennesse sun or to kill the hangover all of us were experiencing. But good things come to those who wait... the pancakes were AWESOME! This menu is rediculous, it includes about anything edible going into a pancake... so for the fellow pancake lovers go to the pantry it is worth the wait. After breakfast was conquered we decided to get our party pants on and go out on the town. We mixed a drink or two and headed downtown Nashville to wander and drink. Now when in Rome, do as the Romans. When in Nashville, do as the country bumpkins do and get yourself some boots. So we did... Now feeling official we head to Tootsie's or the bar from Toby Keith's song: I love this Bar. We grabbed us a couple of seats and drinks and took in the music. Country music is 98% percent of the time is great live... and this was no exception. The musicians were taking requests.. so we tipped the gents and asked for She's Country by Jason Aldean. Strike one, lead singer did not know it. Second request was Small Town Girl by Journey. We got a Negative on that... My Maria Brooks and Dunn. Strike three, we're out. So we asked the fiddler what she recommended (who is the sister of one of our friends)... She played for us The Devil Went Down to Georgia by Charlie Daniels Band. The bar was whooping and hollering... so I say it was a good selection. After a couple hours of making friends with the local men and listening to music.. it was on to searching out a bar that would play the Sioux game. Yes even on vacation we were watching the final five. Needless to say if you caught the Saturday game it was well worth it. Double overtime with the win! Not to mention we got a round of free drinks from the bar... SO go sioux!! We were out not much longer and called it a night due to the flight and drive the next day (we are getting old haha). Anyways we hopped a flight and left the dirty South and headed back to the tundra of Nodak. Although I can say it was hard leaving 80 degree weather, it is nice to be back... well sort of. Time to buckle down and back to reality. Thanks girls for a great vacation!

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