Saturday, March 19, 2011

South of the Mason Dixie Line

So we have officially made it to Nashville or Music City. Music city I have to say is an under statement. Now being a music lover myself, I am in heaven. I know country music isn't for everyone, but there is so much talent here it is rediculous in every genre of music. So our first night (also St. Patty's) in Nashville we went to a place called the Blue Bird Cafe. This little place is where the Music City song writers go to perform and be discovered. Now thinking that hearing song writers wouldnt be very good, I stand corrected... they were AWESOME! I got the pleasure of spending my St. Pattys day with close friends and drinking the night with some good music.

So Friday. Friday, was a day a pleasure and business. For the morning the girls and I made our way down to the Vanderbilt campus to tour and walk around. What a beautiful campus. After a good walk around the girls and I decided to catch some sun and read outside! Being 80 degrees and none of us have seen the light of day in 5 months we grabbed the suits and headed outside. I think we are the only people in the state of TN who think this great idea in March. Oh well, all I would have to say in I am from North Dakota right?! SOOO for evenings activities... GRAND OLE OPRY. We pulled our lives together, and mixed us some rum and cokes (well it was a five oclock somewhere) got ready and headed out to West End.

We made it! So upon arrival to the The Grand Ole Opry we struggled to find a parking spot. We were trying to avoid paying for parking. Needless to say drove around for no less then 20 minutes bickering about where is the best option. Moreover the mall surrounding is still being redone due to the floods in Nashville last June. All I could think is how long does it take three blondes to find a parking spot? Don't worry, we found one... right next to the Opry, for free, where everyone parks. After that debaucle we grabbed ourselves some beers and took in the sites. This is something everyone who loves country music has to see. We saw no less then twelve acts and all of them were phenomenal. The highlight to the evening was seeing Eric Church, singing acoutic!! Mmmmmm..... I was puddy. What can I say.... us three girls are suckers for a guy and guitar :)

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