Monday, March 14, 2011

Here today, Philly tomorrow.

Here today, Philadelphia tomorrow. With the Pittsburgh leg of the journey coming to a close, it is time for a reflect of the awesome time here. Jackie and I flew into Pittsburgh on Saturday afternoon. We made friends with the cab driver, who so kindly told us we were in for a heck of a Saturday night. He shared with us that Pittsburgh is home to the second largest Saint Patty's day party in the country (2nd only to Boston?!). And it would be that night! Haha okay. After a breath taking ride into the city, we arrived at our hotel. Where we were promptly greater by tour guide for the weekend, who is also a good friend of mine from the Nodak. This friend who is also a recent immigrant to the city waited patiently for us two lovely ladies to settle in and freshen up before a heck of a night out on the town. Now if you don't Pittsburgh, it is comprised of several key areas (or so I was told haha) they are South side, Downtown and the University area. So back to the story. For the night/where the party was at was on the South side. Let me tell you, it was nuts. For those of you in Nodak, it was spring fest in a large city. Good grief. But do not get wrong it was a great time.. BUT WOW. After a stellar night on the town, needless to say we were NOT the sharpest crew. Needless the big event on Sunday was to catch a Pens game. But holy, did we struggle. It took us no less then three times to figure out the time. But to our credit the time of game changed, and day light savings makings things hard to comprehend. Haha. Do not worry we made it, after a several attempts and a nap. The Pens game was awesome. It will come highly recommended out of my book to any one visiting Pittsburgh. After the Pens game we called it a day.

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