Monday, March 14, 2011

Here today, Philly tomorrow. Part Deux

So after enjoying Pittsburgh to its fullest, it was on to business. Monday was a fun filled day looking at UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh. The picture that is posted is the Cathedral of Learning. This picturesque build is a stample mark on the campus. It is a gorgeous building located in the center of campus. During the tour, we learned that UPitt is nationally ranked in quidditch (yes you read that right quidditch) amongest the many other sports it part takes in as a university. The best part of this story is after hearing this tidbit, we walked into the Cathedral and it no joke, looked like Hogwarts. Our tour guide so kindly told us she tells people this is where they filmed Harry Potter, and pretty sure people believe it too. (I would have but she told us out right before haha). It was a wonderful tour. For lunch we hit up a stample mark in Pittburgh known as the Primanti Bros. Let me tell you, this is one heck of a sandwich shop. If you want to see pictures (since I have yet to learn how to upload multiple pics sorry!) go to the man vs. food website. Jack and I ordered the corned beef to split. It was PLENTY! This sandwich includes, and I mean on it, an enormous helping of meat, coleslaw, and fries. And yes I said on it.... And yes it was awesome. So Jack and I definitely felt the need to do a extra lap around campus. After a fun filled campus day, we grabbed a couple beers on the South side and are now prepping for Philly. So we are here today... Philly tomorrow.

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