Wednesday, March 16, 2011

With Love, from Philly...

So officially we have made it to Philly. Land of cheese steaks, America's founding, and World Series baseball. We arrive by train from Pittsburgh, which was an incredible ride. I can NOT imagine how beautiful that ride is in the later part of the fall with the trees changing colors?! It is beautiful, with its moutains, rivers, and vistas we throughly enjoyed the ride in to Philly. Upon arriving into Philly, we checked into our hotel in the historic district.
Now I like history. I knew there was a lot here. But bananas, for serious Philly?! Everything is historic here. I guess that is a different mentality for a girl from Minnesota. So after checking in to our hotel we decided to do some site seeing. So where do we start in Philly, none other then Independence Hall. So we head over, go through security and get in line for the tour only to find out that you need tickets. Right, should have know that. Okay so we decide to leave and go find tickets.. needless to say us wandering around Independence Hall did NOT go over well. We tried to walk up to one officer... who so kindly yelled at us, reminding us we did not belong in that area. Then we proceed to walk to the security who told us we could not exit there, but also did not tell us where we needed to go. Frick. Okay so back to wandering, only for another person tell us we did not beling there and so nicely directing us to our way out. Epic fail.
But not all of our wandering that day went bad. We journeyed back to the place where you received tickets for the show. Jack and I turned on our midwestern girl charm and saught the attention of younger male working the tickets. We asked his recommendation of local food to try out. He told us.. Jim's steaks is the best. SOOO we headed to Jim's steaks; which required so more wandering : ) but we found it. Jim's Steaks looks like a corner shop crossed with a 50's styled diner. You walk in and are greeted by the counter help which have the grill sizzling before you walk in. I got the steak, peppers, and onion combo. AMAZING! There are a variety of options to get on the steak including cheeze whiz and tuna?! for the daring I guess. But if you look this place up apparently every famous person who has walked the streets of Philly has eaten there. Did not know that till walking in. If you ever go there, you will see what I mean. Any ways day one of Philly was nothing short of an adventure.

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