Friday, August 26, 2011

Ah snap... She is getting hitched..

So in my years I have attend many weddings and such but I have never been in one. As of mid- August I can now say I will have now been in the wedding party. It is my pleasure to be the maid of honor in one of my besties (of 20 some years now) weddings. However, not going to lie, when she asked I had not the faintest ideas of where to start. Pretty sure it started with me on google identifying the roles of the maid of honor. YES, I went to google. She knows, I figure and she didn't demote me so she can't me too mad : ) So I also think this will be a great opportunity to blog about the adventures as a maid of honor. It is also partly why I changed the name of the blog.. I think weddings have a lot to do with sparkles . Plus I know there are tons of girls/friends of mine that are in the same boat.. kinda clueless, busy, and yet want to do a stellar job for your friend. So if I can help one person, I did my job. Plus everyone that knows me I love to talk (and that might be an understatement) but I want to document my journeys as best I can.

So what the heck do I have to do as a MOH (as the site referred to it)? Okay from my research a MOH does....

  1. Be the emotional life boat. Okay I think I can keep a level head for everyone?!
  2. Keep the bridal party informed about what is going on. Well I guess that gives me an excuse to talk on the phone longer, check.
  3. Shop for dresses. Love an excuse to shop, however my bestie got this one down on lock. Just need to get a style and it fitted.
  4. Plan and attend all pre wedding parties. OKAY, I now understand why she picked me...
  5. Help the bride out during the ceremony, in all ways she deems necessary... ok, okay I will stash a flask in the ready room.
  6. Hold the groom's ring... Hope he trusts me muahahaha...
  7. I get to hold the flowers during the ceremony... I like flowers, who doesn't like flowers.
  8. Give a speech somewhere during the reception - this could be good - first time I slept over at her house... I threw up on her and rolled back over went back to sleep. We are still friends, go figure?!
  9. Arrange and manage the train and dress... okay I just recently found out what a bustle is.. so yeah we will see how this one goes. I will try to do my best hunnie bun!
  10. I have to keep track of the gifts received...
  11. I get to sign the marriage license. BOO-YAH.. they get my autograph
  12. I get the priveledge of seeing and being apart my best friend get married to the man of her dreams. As a bestie that is truly the best part of my job... Love you girl!

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